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Our Journey started 15 years ago, with a fascination towards Design and printing.  With so many different market segments available to enter into, it was imperative that we had the skills and understanding of how “printing” worked.

Up skilled in CorelDraw, Photoshop, and printing on a variety of machines namely: Fiery Printer Control Management, foil printing, vinyl cutting, sublimation printing and the fastest growing market segment now is WHITE TONER PRINTING on OKI or iColor products. 

White toner printing: was established to share the success we were getting with our creative own designs. We wanted to share this with other WHITE TONER PRINTER OWNERS, who were not having success with their artwork, and or printing files. With the many years it has taken us to perfect our WHITE TONER PRINT design technique, and the new user’s frustration behind the business, the two went hand in hand and WHITE TONER PRINTING was established in 2020.

White toner printing is not as simple as – find a file online, print it and press it to an garment. In order to fetch the highest price for your garment, you need to give the design some thought, and make changes to it. You want to have a happy buyer,and want them to come back again, and tell 5 of their friends.

White Toner Printing – wishing that you find our designs will assist your business and that you can flourish.